Securing and Protecting Collections For the Future

Your collections are unique and demand specialized care. Our trained professionals construct customized crating systems and packing services that will provide exceptional protection for your objects.


Artex offers the best crating solution for every object. With five innovative crate production facilities located in key national hubs, Artex can provide a crating solution that fits every client’s needs.  From the highest quality museum crate, to the most economical one-way crate, Artex offers a complete range of ISPM 15 certified wood crate options.

Packing and Art Handling

For over 25 years Artex has been chosen as the provider of choice for the most important collections and objects in the world. Our experienced staff will ensure that your precious objects are packed in the most secure manner possible.   Artex will coordinate the crate production and packing of any object or collection and provide customized solutions for every collection.
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