Collection Management Made Easy

Do you need help managing your ever growing collection?  Artex can provide advanced tools, technology, and processes, that make it easy for you to manage your collection.

Inventory Management

Artex offers inventory management and database systems that provide complete tracking and labeling as property enters and leaves our facilities. No matter the complexity or collection size, our full service inventory system keeps your collection up-to-date and secure.

Exhibition Logistics

Our team of highly experienced exhibition coordinators routinely manage the complex logistics required to consolidate and disperse traveling exhibitions.  We simplify the process of bringing art to and from multiple venues, short-term storage, installation and the eventual return of artwork to the lenders for your traveling exhibitions.

Collection Relocation

Moving a collection can be a challenging prospect.  Artex has developed specific expertise and understanding of the unique nature of moving collections of all types.   We will collaborate with you on the planning, coordination and implementation of any move, large or small.

Photography and Digital Archives

Artex provides professional, high-quality photography of artwork for inventory, catalog, sale or documentation purposes.  In coordination with all the other services that we provide we also offer on-site and field photography options.
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