Artex Introduces New Trailer Fleet

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We are proud to announce the introduction of our newest fleet of tractor-trailers. Custom designed from the ground up for fine art transportation, these innovative tractor-trailers will replace Artex’s current fleet and represent a new era in fine art transportation and logistics. As the tallest fine art trailers in the United States (124” clearance through the rear doors) these trailers are lighter, stronger, smarter, and more fuel-efficient than any tractor-trailers on the road today.

Photographs documenting ARTEX Fine Art Services.

As part of our effort to increase visibility both inside and outside of the trailers, they have been equipped with LED lighting inside, and 11 turn signals outside. All tractors are outfitted with a state of the art radar system that alerts drivers when other vehicles are too close and real-time climate sensors that give drivers and dispatchers humidity and temperature control inside the cargo box 24/7. With multi functional air bag systems, all wheel disc brakes, electronic driver logs, GPS tracking with synchronized navigation, and state of the art security systems these tractor-trailers represent the most advanced technology in the industry today.

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Trailer Specs:

  • Trailer door dimensions
  • 124” H x 96”W
  • Trailer inside dimensions
  • 125” H x 46’ L x 96”W
  • Trailer outside dimensions
  • 127”H x 48’ L x 102” W
  • 11 turn signals
  • LED Lighting System
  • Advanced Lift Gate System
  • Multi-Functional Airbag System


  • Complete Climate Control
  • Real-time Climate Sensors
  • Air Ride Suspension
  • Courier Friendly Seating
  • Global Tracking
  • Synchronized Navigation
  • Tablet Navigation Displays
  • Electronic Driving Logs
  • On-coming Traffic Detection System
  • Optimized Weight Distribution

Photographs documenting ARTEX Fine Art Services.Artex CEO John Jacobs (Right) with Artex National Director of Transportation, Charles Cummings II (Left)